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Skydio X10 - Sensor Packages - Beyond the Build

Posted Apr 15, 2024 | Views 197
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X10 packs sensor capabilities typically only found in larger drones into a simple, lightweight airframe, including 64MP visual, 48MP telephoto, 50MP wide angle, and 640x512 thermal modules that empower it to take on nearly any inspection, public safety, or industrial use case. This array of best-in-class sensors makes X10 the one drone that can tackle it all.

X10 features a suite of high-resolution module options to capture intricate details and pristine images in any scenario.

The 64MP narrow module provides a general purpose imaging tool that excels at collecting simple inspection shot lists. Its high resolution exceeds that of larger drones like the DJI M300.

The 50MP 1” wide module sets a new standard for large field of view images. With its low light capabilities, it is excellent for mapping structures and illuminating their undersides to detect minute 0.1mm cracks in concrete.

The 48MP telephoto module enables powerful 250m zoom capabilities that are essential for law enforcement and inspections requiring large standoff distances. With this, users can clearly read a license plate from over 800 feet (250m) away.

These advanced sensors are further enhanced by the Spectra 480 image signal processor from Qualcomm. It improves white balance, reduces noise, and enables superior HDR in challenging lighting.

X10’s custom-built lenses maximize each sensor’s resolution. Competitors often lose significant resolution due to standard lenses. X10's optimized optics mean you get every last bit of detail out of each megapixel.

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