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Skydio X10 - NightSense - Beyond the Build

Posted Apr 15, 2024 | Views 289
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Missions can extend into the night, and so can X10’s autonomy. NightSense enables 24/7 operation, maximizing both productivity and value of X10. This makes X10 the only drone on the market that can operate fully autonomously day or night, empowering users with round-the-clock automated data capture.

Darkness Navigation System

Skydio’s computer vision system enables X10 to see and understand far more of the environment than other drones with limited directional vision. The algorithms underlying the X10’s revolutionary darkness navigation system were designed for infrared video, which means Skydio’s computer vision capabilities can now be fully leveraged at night.

Active Illumination

X10 is equipped with six high-resolution navigation cameras with 360° perception. The new night autonomy attachments will light the way for the X10’s navigation cameras, unlocking their perception even in total darkness. This provides unrivaled situational awareness, night and day.


NightSense can be adapted to your needs. The visible light nav cams option is ideal for organizations that mostly fly during the day and have some night work needs. For organizations that prioritize night work, IR-sensitive nav cams allow X10 to be flown more discreetly.

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