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Skydio X10 - Autonomy - Beyond the Build

Posted Apr 15, 2024 | Views 60
# Product

Powered by breakthrough AI, the X10 drone achieves unmatched spatial and semantic understanding of environments through 360-degree computer vision. This deep understanding allows X10 to autonomously fly complex missions, inspect infrastructure, track subjects, and capture optimal data with minimal input.

Empowered by Onboard Autonomy

Powered by Skydio Autonomy, the X10 drone takes intelligent aerial autonomy to new heights. With 10x more onboard compute power than previous models, X10 doubles down on processing capabilities so users can truly unlock the full potential of autonomy without limitations.

Unrivaled Situational Awareness

X10 enables comprehensive situational awareness and environment understanding, even in total darkness, through six high-resolution navigation cameras with 32MP fisheye lenses that deliver unmatched 360° perception. This allows X10 to fly complex missions and capture optimal data efficiently.

Cutting-Edge AI for Deep Understanding

The latest breakthroughs in AI empower X10 to build detailed spatial maps to understand the physical layout of environments as well as semantic maps to identify objects and their meaning. This spatial and semantic understanding allows X10 to perceive thin structures, follow cables, identify objects, and map environments in 3D.

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