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Skydio X10 - Connectivity - Beyond the Build

Posted Apr 15, 2024 | Views 49
# Product

Skydio Connect enables seamless communication between the Skydio X10 drone, controller, and web browser through three differentiated connectivity options: SL, MH, and 5G. This flexible approach optimizes robust performance for the complex connectivity needs of enterprise and government drone operations.

Skydio Connect SL provides a proprietary, optimized point-to-point wireless link between the X10, controller, and browser. With line-of-sight distances up to 12km, SL offers robust performance for most autonomous flight missions.

Skydio Connect MH utilizes advanced frequency hopping across multiple bands ideal for global operations. By avoiding interference or constraints of a single band, MH enables reliability for the most critical missions.

Skydio Connect 5G incorporates the latest cellular technology for unlimited range. With the optional built-in 5G module, pilots can connect from anywhere with cellular coverage for true remote piloting. 5G is more robust to interference than WiFi and enables advanced applications like Remote Flight Deck for seamless hand-off between pilots.

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