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Introducing Skydio 3D Scan Tower Capture

Posted Apr 23, 2023 | Views 435
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# Skydio 3D Scan

The new 3D Tower Capture mode brings a series of optimizations designed to make scans of vertically shaped structures - even faster and more efficient.

The original 3D Capture mode allows users to efficiently scan complex structures by setting a floor, a ceiling and at least three pillars to define a scan volume. While this is a foolproof way of capturing any structure, regardless of shape, towers have simpler symmetrical shapes around their vertical Z axis. This specific characteristic of a whole category of inspection assets, such as towers, means that we can redefine the way the scan volume is outlined. Instead of flying the drone to set multiple pillars, 3D Tower Capture allows you to define the scan volume as a cylinder through four simple parameters. This streamlined process saves battery life and makes the scan setup much simpler and faster.

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Posted Jun 01, 2023 | Views 1.3K
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