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Optimizing Workflows with Skydio 3D Scan Indoor Capture

Posted Jun 01, 2023 | Views 1.5K
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André Becker
Skydio 3D Scan Product Manager @ Skydio

André is a Product Manager and Head of International Solutions Engineering at Skydio, developing and driving the implementation of autonomous drone solutions, specifically focusing on inspection and mapping products such as 3D Scan. He aims to revolutionise the way industries conduct inspections and gather mapping data, making these processes more efficient, accurate, and accessible.

With more than 13 years of international work experience, André played an invaluable part in the evolution of consumer and enterprise drones leading the European product management for DJI, the world’s leader in civil drones and aerial imaging technology. He has been a keynote speaker for global product launches, TEDx, WebSummit, MeConvention and a driving force building up partnerships with Amazon Prime, the FIA World Rally Championship, Peugeot and many more.

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Alicia Llorens
Solutions Engineer @ Skydio

I am a Photogrammetry and Mapping Expert. I have been working for the last 11 years training and supporting professionals to successfully integrate Drone Photogrammetry and Mapping data in their workflows. I am experienced in different industries such as Mining, O&G, Surveying, and AEC.

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Check out this live discussion with Alicia Llorens and André Becker as they delve deep into Skydio's groundbreaking 3D Scan Indoor Capture. Discover how Skydio is revolutionizing the way professionals manage large facility inspections, asset monitoring, and the digitization of complex indoor environments.

Key Takeaways: Learn how Skydio 3D Scan Indoor Capture streamlines digitization workflows, improves measurement accuracy and reduces overall time and costs associated with 3D modeling large factory facilities and indoor assets.

Understand the benefits of using Skydio's new Indoor Capture mode, specifically tailored for autonomously scanning large, complex indoor environments.

Explore how Skydio drones can capture hard-to-reach areas, particularly those that are high up, and generate highly accurate and detailed digital replicas of facilities previously too difficult or complex to attempt.

Gain insights into the versatile digital twin deliverables that can be created from the visual data uploaded to Skydio Cloud.

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