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Interstate 80 - Vital Bridge Inspections with Stantec

Posted May 31, 2024 | Views 86
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Billions of tons of freight are transported annually on over 70 interstate highways and more than 4 million miles of roads across the USA. Interstate 80 is one of these roadways which connects California, Nevada, and Utah as a major trucking route; supplying millions of Americans with the goods and services they need daily.

In this video, see how a leading global engineering firm– Stantec, uses Skydio drones and 3D mapping to inspect vital bridges on Interstate 80 to help the Nevada Department of Transportation maintain their roadways. With Skydio drones, Stantec can collect the data the Nevada Department of Transportation needs of their critical infrastructure, efficiently address maintenance needs, and limit interstate closures for roadwork.

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Posted Mar 21, 2023 | Views 711
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Posted Mar 21, 2023 | Views 740
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