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Offshore Inspections with Skydio Drones: Shell & CAN USA's Partnership

Posted Mar 21, 2023 | Views 597
# Oil & Gas
# Inspection

Offshore inspections can be complex and challenging, but Shell and their contractor, CAN USA, are using cutting-edge drone technology from Skydio to change that.

Watch as we showcase the partnership's first offshore use of Skydio's AI-powered drones and their unparalleled obstacle avoidance, autonomous tracking, and GPS-denied navigation capabilities.

This partnership is de-risking, demonstrating, and progressing the inspection capabilities available for offshore operations.

Ready to take your inspection operations to the next level? Contact us today to learn how Skydio's AI-powered drones can revolutionize the way you collect data, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency in even the most complex and challenging environments.

Learn how Skydio drones are used for inspecting equipment:

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