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UAS Innovation Day

Smart, Small, and Scalable: sUAS Transforming Government Operations

Discover how AI-powered drones, with unmatched autonomy and ease of use, are redefining the capabilities of government agencies in executing missions that demand precision and reliability.
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Quinn Palmer (CBP) discusses the diverse uses of small UAS in border patrol security during a panel at UAS Innovation Day. Learn more about drones for enhanced situational awareness:
# Defense
Troy Schneider moderates a discussion with Quinn Palmer (CBP) and Major Michael O'Connor (US Space Force) on the diverse uses of small UAS in government missions, covering their deployment in military and the protection of critical infrastructure. Learn more:
# Defense
Lt. Gen. Hinote (Ret.) emphasizes the strategic shift towards cost-effective, high-volume autonomous systems in warfare, highlighting the importance of small UAS across military, law enforcement and disaster management for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring national security. Learn more:
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UAS Innovation Day Inaugural fireside chat with Peter Singer and Troy Schneider focuses on national security, advocating for a new strategy that leverages high-volume, low-cost autonomous systems in modern warfare, amidst the rapid technological advancements offering unique opportunities for military innovation. Learn more:
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Experience a remote search and rescue operation between Washington DC and Ohio to include cutting-edge visual and thermal imaging. Learn more:
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Oklahoma City PD Drone Success Story - Advantages to a Patrol Led Deployment Model
SGT. Dax Laporte