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Sumner County Sheriff's Office uses Skydio drone to save man's life

Posted Jun 25, 2024 | Views 158
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Sumner County Sheriff's Office uses drone to save man's life

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Old man is alive tonight thanks to the quick thinking of a Sumner County deputy and a drone. We spoke to the sheriff's office today about this technology and how they use it.

Here is the subject. This video showing the first time Sumner County first responders save a man's life using a drone.

Subject's moving.

Sumner County chief deputy Eric Craddock walks us through a tense three minutes thirty seconds. While responding to a welfare check-in rural Sumner County, deputies spot a blood trail and a razor blade. The evidence leads to a large fifty acre cornfield, the corn crop too dense to spot the man.

Everything around here is a cornfield, and this corn is probably five or six foot tall at this point. So it's not like the deputies can just look out across the field and see the subject. This is this is something that would have taken quite some time to do a a grid search for.

Quick on their feet, first responders launch the drone and within minutes, find their guy.

So what you see here is the subject in the middle of the cornfield that the drone pilot has identified, and and he'll pan out in just a moment. You'll see the deputies over here on the right hand side of the screen start getting directed towards the subject so that they can provide life saving care.

Deputies say the man is alive, and this likely is not the last time they will use this drone.

The calls for service are only gonna increase, so tools like this drone that make us more efficient and able to make a quicker response are invaluable.

First responders use drones for missing children, runaways, silver alerts, and someone inflicting harm.

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