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Skydio in the Classroom: Purdue Professor Speaks On Autonomous Drones in Higher Ed

Posted Jun 28, 2023 | Views 811
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Angad Singh
Sales Manager @ Skydio

Angad Singh is a Sales Manager at Skydio, responsible for Enterprise, State, Local, and Education partner sales. He is a go-to-market professional who has been working with UAS based photogrammetry, geospatial, and remote sensing for close to 10 years.

Educated at McGill University with a focus on Remote Sensing, he then went on to be a teammate and leader at BRINC Drones, and Pix4D's North American operations. Outside of the drone industry, Angad enjoys mountain biking and the outdoors.

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This recorded webinar features a Purdue professor and experts from Skydio and Adorama, as they dove into the captivating realm of Skydio's autonomous drones in higher education. This webinar provides a comprehensive exploration of the innovative ways drones are utilized in academic settings.

Throughout the session, you will gain unique perspectives from experienced professionals who have integrated drones into their research and teaching practices. The speakers share their first-hand experiences, offering valuable insights into the integration of drones in higher education.

Join us as we explore the diverse applications of drones in contemporary research and education. Discover how researchers are leveraging these autonomous aerial platforms to gather essential data on climate change, wildlife conservation, and land use. Additionally, learn about the deployment of drones in engineering and architecture programs, where they play a crucial role in building inspections and structural assessments.

This recorded webinar presents a prime opportunity to delve into the world of drone technology in higher education. Gain insights from experts who are at the forefront of this dynamic field, and broaden your understanding of the potential that autonomous drones hold in shaping the future of education and research.

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