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Skydio Live Ops: Remote Inspection

Posted Nov 07, 2023 | Views 490
# Utilities
Corey Hitchcock
Utility Solutions Specialist @ Skydio

Corey joined Skydio as a utility solutions specialist in early 2023. Prior to Skydio, Corey led UAS Program Development and Operations with Southern Co. Aerial Services. Corey developed methods for operating drones across the nuclear, gas, and power verticals, notably flying one of the first UAS inspections on an operating nuclear reactor. At Skydio, he is developing dock based drone use cases for autonomous inspections as well as focused routine, event based, and security inspections for substations. These dock based inspections are focused on reducing the duration and frequency of outages, allowing for predictive based maintenance plans to be implemented.

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Christina Park
Sr. Director of Energy Strategy @ Skydio

Park recently joined Skydio as the Sr. Director of Energy Strategy after 15+ years at the New York Power Authority. Her experience in the utility industry spanned Engineering from design to commissioning through multiple Life Extension and Modernization programs in Power Generation before a shift to Strategic Operations and Asset Management. As Sr. Director of Asset Intelligence Solutions, she led the comprehensive effort to operationalize technology across the enterprise. By standing up the Reliability Centered Maintenance program and identifying the gaps for Technical Enablement to bring solutions to scale, her department tested and incorporated robotics, sensors, and data analytics to connect problems to solutions. Park graduated from MIT with her BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

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A real-time substation inspection from 2,800 miles away. Remote assets, aging infrastructure, limited resources, natural disasters, and budget constraints can complicate asset inspection. If you had the ability to inspect any asset, at any time, from anywhere in the world, how would your operations change? Tune into our Skydio remote operations demonstration + Q&A session on November 9th and watch us remotely inspect a substation in real-time with docked drones at our San Francisco, CA training facility from 2800 miles away in Tampa, FL.

With Skydio Remote Ops, you:

Have the ability to conduct routine or event-based inspection from a browser Can significantly lower your inspection costs Keep people out of harm’s way In real-time, we’ll demonstrate:

Routine Inspection: we’ll show you how to remotely plan a scheduled mission for routine, automated, asset inspection Event-Based Inspection: watch us remotely inspect perimeter fencing, transformers, oil level gauges, temperature sensors, cooling fans, and more. Thermal Inspection to monitor any hot-spots Obstacle Avoidance in confined environments

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Skydio Live Ops: Remote Inspection
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