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Skydio For All - Brooklyn Youth Fly Day

Posted May 22, 2024 | Views 64
# Community Engagement

Experience the excitement and educational impact of the Brooklyn Youth Fly Day hosted at Lamad Academy. This video showcases an inspiring day where over 170 middle school students had the opportunity to interact with cutting-edge drone technology, meet professionals from NYPD, FDNY, and Skydio, and see firsthand the vast possibilities drones offer.

Watch as students learn the dynamics of flying drones through Skydio 2+ and explore various applications from public safety to utility inspections. Witness how drones are transforming firefighting and law enforcement, enhancing situational awareness, and offering new perspectives in emergency services.

Hear from industry leaders and educators about the importance of integrating technology into education and the potential careers these students might pursue. See the impact of donations that ensure the sustainability of drone education programs at the academy.

Join us in fostering a future where technology education and real-world applications come together to inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders.

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