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INSIDE the 'Hunter Killer Platoon' of the 101st Airborne Division

Posted Jun 03, 2024 | Views 80
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Soldiers Assigned to the new Multi-Functional Reconnaissance Company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team (Strike), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) take part in Operation Lethal Eagle for their first large scale field training exercise at Fort Campbell, Ky., April 27, 2024.

Strike Brigade is one of the Army’s first units to prototype the mobile brigade combat team (MBCT) concept. The MBCT will be lighter and more lethal while providing increased mobility to close combat forces. The Army is undertaking its most significant transformation in more than 40 years to dominate in large-scale combat operations in multidomain environments. Through Continuous Transformation, the Army will maintain dominance against rapidly evolving and emerging threats in an era of dynamic change in the character of war.

Interviewees: 1st Lt. Andrew Blomquist, Hunter Killer Platoon Leader; Sgt. David Warren, Hunter Killer Platoon Squad Leader; Capt. Charles O'Hagan, Multi-Functional Reconnaissance Company Commander.

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