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EPRI Research Study: Drones for Utility Inspection

Posted Jan 17, 2023 | Views 398
# Utilities
Colin Romberger
Colin Romberger
Colin Romberger
Solutions Engineering Manager - SLED / Utilities @ Skydio
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Autonomous Data Capture in Obstacle Rich and Energized Environments

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Webinar: EPRI Utility Inspection and Skydio Drones

Webinar Details

From power generation, to transmission, to distribution, the use of drones helps inspectors stay on the ground in safety, only performing risky high-altitude work when absolutely necessary. However, traditional manual drones that rely on magnetometers for navigation still struggle deeply to operate around energized structures.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), which conducts research, development, and demonstration projects for electricity generation, delivery, and use in collaboration with the electricity sector, has conducted a research project on the use of Skydio autonomous drones to inspect energized structures. Join Skydio’s Colin Romberger, Solutions Engineers for the Utility sector, and Dexter Lewis, Principal Technical Leader at EPRI, for an in depth discussion about the findings.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • The challenges utility drone operators face with today’s manual drone hardware
  • Why autonomous drones, powered by AI and computer vision, offer significant advantages
  • EPRI’s research findings using Skydio autonomous drones to inspect energized structures

If you enjoyed this webinar, contact our solutions engineers here to assist you with learning more about how Skydio drones can support the inspection of energy and utility assets!

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