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Elevate Crash Scene Documentation with Autonomous Drones and FARO Zone AI Software

Posted Mar 23, 2024 | Views 1.1K
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Russell Boynton
Sr. Field Applications Engineer @ FARO Technologies

A former Marine Corps Military Police Sergeant and a retired police officer from the Northeast, Russ is currently a Senior Field Applications Engineer and Subject Matter Expert in Crash Reconstruction with FARO Technologies. He trains, certifies, and supports public safety personnel across the US in the use of 3-D laser scanning technology to document crash, crime and fire scenes, and he instructs on the use of software to create court-worthy forensic diagrams and animations. Russ has more than 40 years of federal, state and local crime and crash scene documentation experience, and has been qualified as an expert on numerous occasions in most New England states as a crash investigation/reconstruction expert. Additionally, Russ has taught at the Kosovo Police Service School in the Baltics in 2003 and was an embedded police trainer and advisor in Afghanistan between 2009-2011.

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Noreen Charlton
Senior Manager - Public Safety Marketing @ Skydio

Noreen Charlton has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. For more than a decade, she worked in the Crime Scene Investigations section of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout her time in the field, she responded to nearly 4,000 scenes, including the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass casualty shooting. For several years, she has focused on the instruction and implementation of 3D technologies for public safety applications and has assisted with the documentation and forensic analysis of many high-profile cases. As a member of the Crime Scene Investigations Body of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board, she actively contributes to the development and advancement of industry standards in crime scene investigations.

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Drones are revolutionizing the way law enforcement gathers and analyzes critical evidence in crash and crime scene investigations. The unparalleled aerial perspectives allow for rapid, comprehensive scene documentation. Skydio X10 enables onboard generation of orthomosaic images and 3D modeling, so you can clear a scene with the confidence that you have all the data you need. Industry experts from Skydio and FARO will share their technology solutions for public safety, designed to enhance scene documentation and create compelling courtroom-ready deliverables.

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