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Behind the Scenes: Crafting America's Next-Gen Drone

Posted Mar 12, 2024 | Views 74
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Gain an exclusive backstage pass to the intricate world of drone creation with our upcoming panel discussion. This session is an opportunity to delve deep into the process of developing our latest drone, the Skydio X10, guided by user insights and learnings from the team members who steered this project from concept to completion. This discussion is designed to offer attendees a genuine behind-the-scenes look. Learn directly from the engineers and designers about the hurdles surmounted, the strategic decisions that shaped our path, and the candid learnings gleaned along the way. See the nuts and bolts of drone innovation, stripped of any gloss, directly from those who lived through the experience.

Key Takeaways: -A deep dive into the three areas of focus for X10: camera systems, AI integration, and resilience/adaptability. -Behind-the-scenes look at pivotal moments and decisions in the X10’s development. -Q&A session offering direct insights from the minds behind the technology.

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