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Drones For Inspection & Monitoring
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Offshore Inspections with Skydio Drones: Shell & CAN USA's Partnership

Offshore inspections can be complex and challenging, but Shell and their contractor, CAN USA, are using cutting-edge drone technology from Skydio to change that. Watch as we showcase the partnership's first offshore use of Skydio's AI-powered drones and their unparalleled obstacle avoidance, autonomous tracking, and GPS-denied navigation capabilities. This partnership is de-risking, demonstrating, and progressing the inspection capabilities available for offshore operations. Ready to take your inspection operations to the next level? Contact us today to learn how Skydio's AI-powered drones can revolutionize the way you collect data, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency in even the most complex and challenging environments. Learn how Skydio drones are used for inspecting equipment:
Offshore Inspections with Skydio Drones: Shell & CAN USA's Partnership
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3X Faster Utility Line Inspections with Autonomous Drones

In the world of utilities, ensuring uptime is crucial to avoiding lost revenue, regulatory scrutiny, and unhappy customers. This requires both planned and unplanned inspections to quickly diagnose and fix any damage before it leads to a long and expensive outage. That's where Skydio drones come in. With their high-resolution cameras and obstacle avoidance system, they allow utility workers to get close to electrical equipment without the danger and effort of traditional bucket trucks. One pilot can cover more circuit length in less time than a crew of six, making inspections faster and more efficient. In this video, we explore how Skydio drones are revolutionizing utility inspections and improving uptime and efficiency.
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75% Faster Bridge Inspections with Autonomous Drones

In this video, we explore the challenges of maintaining a large portfolio of aging bridge infrastructure and the heavy inspection workload that comes with it. We demonstrate how Skydio simplifies the bridge inspection workflow, improve inspector safety, and enable transportation agencies to inspect more bridges in less time while capturing higher quality data. With Skydio, inspectors can identify failure risks faster, allowing for quicker repairs and decreased inspections costs. Learn how Skydio drones are revolutionizing bridge inspections and improving the efficiency, quality, and safety of transportation infrastructure.
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Colin Romberger
Colin Romberger · Jan 17th, 2023

EPRI Research Study: Drones for Utility Inspection

Autonomous Data Capture in Obstacle Rich and Energized Environments
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Alaska Statewide Bridge Design & Engineering Services hosts DOT & PF’s peer exchange focused entirely on Inspection. Hear from public and industry UAS experts and discover practical knowledge for integrating remote sensing technologies into your existing inspection workflows.
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Optimizing Inspection of the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge
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