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Beyond The Build: Skydio X10
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Skydio X10 - Sensor Packages - Beyond the Build

X10 packs sensor capabilities typically only found in larger drones into a simple, lightweight airframe, including 64MP visual, 48MP telephoto, 50MP wide angle, and 640x512 thermal modules that empower it to take on nearly any inspection, public safety, or industrial use case. This array of best-in-class sensors makes X10 the one drone that can tackle it all. X10 features a suite of high-resolution module options to capture intricate details and pristine images in any scenario. The 64MP narrow module provides a general purpose imaging tool that excels at collecting simple inspection shot lists. Its high resolution exceeds that of larger drones like the DJI M300. The 50MP 1” wide module sets a new standard for large field of view images. With its low light capabilities, it is excellent for mapping structures and illuminating their undersides to detect minute 0.1mm cracks in concrete. The 48MP telephoto module enables powerful 250m zoom capabilities that are essential for law enforcement and inspections requiring large standoff distances. With this, users can clearly read a license plate from over 800 feet (250m) away. These advanced sensors are further enhanced by the Spectra 480 image signal processor from Qualcomm. It improves white balance, reduces noise, and enables superior HDR in challenging lighting. X10’s custom-built lenses maximize each sensor’s resolution. Competitors often lose significant resolution due to standard lenses. X10's optimized optics mean you get every last bit of detail out of each megapixel.
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Missions can extend into the night, and so can X10’s autonomy. NightSense enables 24/7 operation, maximizing both productivity and value of X10. This makes X10 the only drone on the market that can operate fully autonomously day or night, empowering users with round-the-clock automated data capture. Darkness Navigation System Skydio’s computer vision system enables X10 to see and understand far more of the environment than other drones with limited directional vision. The algorithms underlying the X10’s revolutionary darkness navigation system were designed for infrared video, which means Skydio’s computer vision capabilities can now be fully leveraged at night. Active Illumination X10 is equipped with six high-resolution navigation cameras with 360° perception. The new night autonomy attachments will light the way for the X10’s navigation cameras, unlocking their perception even in total darkness. This provides unrivaled situational awareness, night and day. Adaptability NightSense can be adapted to your needs. The visible light nav cams option is ideal for organizations that mostly fly during the day and have some night work needs. For organizations that prioritize night work, IR-sensitive nav cams allow X10 to be flown more discreetly.
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Engineered with lightweight yet durable materials, the X10 airframe packs robust performance and advanced sensors into an ultra-compact, backpack-portable size, enabling operators to resiliently capture high-quality data and complete demanding missions in tough environments. Building an Airframe for Demanding Missions Engineered from the ground up as a backpack-portable device rivaling heavyweight specialist drones, the X10 airframe packs robust performance into an ultra-compact size. It carries more advanced sensors than other portables, while weighing less than half of leading enterprise drones. With its resilient design, versatile capabilities and powerful performance, X10 enables operators to capture high-quality aerial data and complete demanding missions in tough environments where other drones would struggle.
Powered by breakthrough AI, the X10 drone achieves unmatched spatial and semantic understanding of environments through 360-degree computer vision. This deep understanding allows X10 to autonomously fly complex missions, inspect infrastructure, track subjects, and capture optimal data with minimal input. Empowered by Onboard Autonomy Powered by Skydio Autonomy, the X10 drone takes intelligent aerial autonomy to new heights. With 10x more onboard compute power than previous models, X10 doubles down on processing capabilities so users can truly unlock the full potential of autonomy without limitations. Unrivaled Situational Awareness X10 enables comprehensive situational awareness and environment understanding, even in total darkness, through six high-resolution navigation cameras with 32MP fisheye lenses that deliver unmatched 360° perception. This allows X10 to fly complex missions and capture optimal data efficiently. Cutting-Edge AI for Deep Understanding The latest breakthroughs in AI empower X10 to build detailed spatial maps to understand the physical layout of environments as well as semantic maps to identify objects and their meaning. This spatial and semantic understanding allows X10 to perceive thin structures, follow cables, identify objects, and map environments in 3D.
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Skydio Connect enables seamless communication between the Skydio X10 drone, controller, and web browser through three differentiated connectivity options: SL, MH, and 5G. This flexible approach optimizes robust performance for the complex connectivity needs of enterprise and government drone operations. Skydio Connect SL provides a proprietary, optimized point-to-point wireless link between the X10, controller, and browser. With line-of-sight distances up to 12km, SL offers robust performance for most autonomous flight missions. Skydio Connect MH utilizes advanced frequency hopping across multiple bands ideal for global operations. By avoiding interference or constraints of a single band, MH enables reliability for the most critical missions. Skydio Connect 5G incorporates the latest cellular technology for unlimited range. With the optional built-in 5G module, pilots can connect from anywhere with cellular coverage for true remote piloting. 5G is more robust to interference than WiFi and enables advanced applications like Remote Flight Deck for seamless hand-off between pilots.
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